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Welcome Message

Welcome to the new Educational Resource Webpage of the Division of General Medicine!

Because this resource is as much yours as it is ours, your feedback is most welcome. We will certainly appreciate your suggestions on how to improve the content and format of this website.

Please allow us to walk you through the many features of this website:

1. Mastering ECGs

A necessary skill for any internist, ECG interpretation is facilitated by Powerpoint presentations and links to useful websites. ECG of the week is also featured.

2. Standards of Care and Clinical Guidelines

A compilation of evidence based guidelines proposed by top societies that establish standards of care for common medical conditions. Updated as needed.

3. Statistics for Beginners

Useful articles covering the basics of statistics.

4. Core Measures for Performance Improvement

Links to key materials, such as Admisison Order Sets and Pocket Guides, to help physicians deliver top quality evidence-based patient care.

5. Guide to Publishing

To whom much is given, much is expected in return. As medical professionals, we need to be aware that we are called not only to do patient care but to contribute meaningfully to medical science. Residents and students, in particular, should strive to publish at least one case report during training that can potentially bolster their academic record as well as the body of medical evidence. In this section you will find practical Power Point presentations that will guide you through each step of the process and other helpful pieces of literature. Furthermore, you are welcome to approach us for advice and other tips. Also included are useful articles on how to write case reports, research papers and reviews.

Please email your suggestions to or