Profile for John Pelley, PhD, MBA

John Pelley


Dr. Pelley is a faculty member in the Department of Medical Education at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. During his tenure at Texas Tech he served for a decade in administration of the medical school curriculum. The challenges of helping students with learning issues caused him to acquire a strong interest in the learning process and he has spent the last 30 years working on educational projects in applied metacognition. He has written a book, SuccessTypes, that summarizes his experience with learning styles and speaks regularly around the country at medical schools helping both faculty and students understand how to promote self-directed, lifelong learning. His work has recently been recognized with the Alpha Omega Alpha Distinguished Teacher Award at the 2010 meeting of the American Association of Medical Colleges. His website, The SuccessTypes Medical Education Site, is used as an educational resource at medical schools and other institutions around the world.

Research Interests

Educational research - improving student learning
Maximizing clinical didactic teaching efficiency with flipped classroom methods.
Teaching metacognitive awareness of students to improve cognitive and affective skills.
Integrating brain research, including sleep research, into a more useful understanding of active learning and how to apply it in the curriculum.

Teaching Interests

Learning Style and Deliberate Practice
Personality Type in Patient Communications
Biochemistry Principles
Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Selected Publications:

  • Pelley JW. A Metacognitive Perspective: Keys to Effective Active Learning and Potential Barriers. IAMSE 2015.
  • Pelley JW. Making Active Learning Effective. Medical Science Educator 2014;24(1 Supplement):13-18.
  • Pelley JW. The Expert Skills Program at Texas Tech. MedEd Portal 2013.
  • Pelley JW. Integrated Basic Medical Sciences: Biochemistry. Elsevier 2011;(2nd Edition).
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