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Operations Committee


This committee is responsible for promoting elections of senators from each school, to fill the positions outlines in the by-laws. Senators from the first year classes are elected at the beginning of the fall semester of that year in session. Toward the end of the spring semester, senators are elected for the next senate session. In addition, this committee is responsible for the "Teacher of the Year" elections from each school, who are honored at the HSC Student Senate Awards and Installation Banquet

Comittee Chair
Anudeep Dasaraju

Anudeep Dasaraju


Catelynn Johnson
Tyler Garabedian
Elizabeth Cook
Chris Riggs
Sydney Spiller
Josie Burke
Kalie Simmons
Blake Schwettmann
Hannah Stroh
Alex Lujan
Natalie Tully
Colten Philpott
Peyton Presto