Social Media Request Form | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Social media is an essential part of every university’s marketing. With the potential to reach thousands of people with each post, our social media content is centered on telling our stories to an outward-facing audience that includes our students, employees and community members. 

Our dedicated social media team will receive all requests for highlights on social media. All features will be prioritized according to our university strategic plans and initiatives. This means that features will be assessed by timeliness and support of this strategy. Many events, announcements, and recognitions may be best suited for our university announcements or events systems. 

Because of the high volume of requests for social media features, we recommend reaching out a minimum of one month in advance for content requests to ensure your content is reviewed. 

We rely heavily on employees and students who keep us in the loop and appreciate all efforts to support our university social media. Please consider sharing with us:

  • Inspiring stories of individuals in our TTUHSC community
  • Significant awards and accolades
  • TTUHSC impact in the community
  • Fresh ideas and new perspectives at TTUHSC
  • Beautiful, fun and engaging photos 

Please fill out this form completely. TTUHSC’s social media managers will be notified. If approved, they will determine the best time and platform on which to share your message.

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