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FEMA Expense Documentation Submission (all campuses):

CARES Act Thirty Day Report and Disclosure

In compliance with the Certification and Agreement for Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Formula Grants of the CARES Act, below is information related to the Institutional Portion for TTUHSC.

An acknowledgement that the institution signed and returned to the Department the Certification and Agreement and the assurance that the institution has used, or intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid to students.

TTUHSC submitted the certification and agreement for the Institutional Portion of the HEERF Funds on April 22, 2020. 

TTUHSC expects to receive up to $897,315 for the Institutional Portion of the HEERF Funds.

The total amount of the Institutional Portion used under Section 18004(c) of the CARES Act as of June 4, 2020 is $37,090.

Additional information regarding TTUHSC’s use of the Institutional Portion can be viewed on this report.


Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

PHASE 2 - General Services

Beginning June 1

Incoming Packages, Mail, and Tanks 

  • Departments Working On-Site – Normal deliveries will resume June 1 for departments that have a presence on-site all day. Please email with any questions or status changes.
  • Departments Working From Home – Items are available in BA085, loading dock on the east side of the 3601 4th Street HSC building, 8-12 & 1-5 M-F. Closed for lunch beginning June 1.
  • Outgoing mail, FedEx and other carriers will be processed daily. Bring any outgoing items to BA085 by 3 PM.

Vehicle Rentals and Pagers – Normal Operations. Keys and pagers may be picked up in BA085, Receiving & Mail, with prior arrangements.

Shred – Please complete this form when bins are full.

Surplus – Closed until June 8. Surplus viewing will be strictly on-line only. No cash sales.

Movers – Schedule moves beginning June 1 for moves after June 8.

Printing, Copiers, Bulk Mail, and Retail Postage Sales – Normal operations

Please email with any questions or concerns. 

Departmental Cash Receipts

Departmental Cash Receipts can still be dropped in the locked drop box located in the basement of 4th street outside the Parking office. We are monitoring and picking the cash receipts up throughout the week. If you have additional questions please contact Student Business Services as

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail/(FedEx, UPS, LSO) Deliveries

Staff will be onsite between 9AM – 4PM M-F to sort and deliver packages and mail.

  • Security will provide access for deliveries to be placed in main receiving area.
  • Outgoing FedEx, UPS, and LSO – Departments must use drop boxes in the community for outgoing packages.

Special Deliveries: Departments will be responsible to be onsite to accept a delivery, if they cannot be on site, please postpone the delivery.

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Beginning June 1

Mail/UPS, FedEx, LSO Deliveries
Regular Mail processing and delivery will be performed before 8AM and after 5PM daily in the SOM/SHP building and WHRI only. All other buildings (SOP, PAC, and ARB) should come to the Mail Room and their mail will be left in bins outside the mailroom in tubs.

  • Clinic deliveries: Will continue as normal, especially temperature sensitive packages.   
  • Freight Delivery: 8AM – 5PM; M-F; with staffing at both SOM 1st Floor office and at the Wallace building.

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail will have normal delivery and delivered to Suite 545.

  • Open normal hours: M-F 8AM – 5PM.
  • Chris Yancey will notify personnel and tenants to come pick up their mail in Suite 545.

UPS/Fed Ex: Signs have been posted and will be rerouted to Office 545. Personnel can pick up and drop off packages there daily.  

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail deliveries will continue to departments that continue to have staff onsite. General Services has contacted each department to see who will be on site or not.

  • 8AM – 4:30PM, M-F; mail staff will be onsite.
  • Mail staff will deliver mail to departments on site.
  • U.S Mail and Express delivery (UPS, FedEx, and LSO) mail will be delivered to the back entrances of all clinics to limit exposure.

Mail Deliveries accommodations: Mail staff will store deliveries in a vacant space until departments return or call for a pick up.