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Fulfilling Tammy's Deams

Scholarship recipients tell how support made an impact

When graduation day came, Tammy McNeeley (SOAHS '97) walked across the stage with her original class, and then was admitted to a Fort Worth hospital; she lost her battle with melanoma three days later.

Her 11 classmates, however, refused to let Tammy's legacy die. After learning of her death, they pooled their finances  and established a scholarship with the help of the local chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Within a year, the scholarship was endowed, thanks in part to Tammy's parents and her sister, Wendy McNeeley, PhD.

Today, 15 students have received the Tammy McNeeley Memorial Endowed Scholarship.

Veronica Chavez 1998
Shellie Derouen 1999
Candace Rothwell Moore 2000
Laura Williams Zupancic 2001
Laura Schroder Melnick 2002
Monica Gurule 2003
Sarai Granados 2004
Shayna Peabody 2005
Courtney Stafford 2006
Elizabeth Hubbard Mesker 2007
Jane Ann Harrison Scalf 2008
Lindsey Morrow 2009
Callie Stech Walker 2010-2011
Megan Muru 2012
Leslie Dutton 2013

Honoring Tammy's legacy

In September 2013, several of the scholarship recipients attended a dinner honoring the McNeeleys and the 15 years Tammy's scholarship has supported those, like Tammy, who dreamed of helping others through speech-language pathology. They and several others updated the McNeeleys on their families and careers and thanked the family for the opportunity to help fulfill Tammy's dream.

Here are their stories:

2008 recipient

I was honored to receive the Tammy McNeeley scholarship in 2008. I enjoy working with children of all ages. I worked for Early Childhood Intervention for three years. This is my second year working at the schools in the Lubbock Independent School District. I married the love of my life, Matt in 2006. We have a daughter, Maddie, who is two going on twenty. She is a big talker and loves to be on the phone! I hope to be an inspiration to the life of others just as your daughter and family have been to me and many others through this scholarship.




Jane Ann Scalf familyJANE ANN (Harrison) SCALF
2008 Recipient

My name is Jane Ann Scalf and I was privileged to receive dthe Tammy McNeeley Scholarship in 2008. I started my career working with adults and I ma currentely starting my 5th year I the schools. Since graduating, I got married and I have a 22 month old son, Luke and a daughter on the way. I feel blessed every day to have chosen such a rewarding career. Thank you McNeeley family for being a part in that decision.




Elizabeth Mesker FamilyELIZABETH (Hubbard) MESKER
2007 recipient

Hello, My name is Elizabeth Mesker. I was thankful to receive the McNeeley Scholarship in 2007. Currently, I live in alpine, Texas. My husband, Bobby, and I moved here following my graduation. I currently work as an SLP for the school district, local hospital, home health agency, and ECI. So I stay busy! I have also expanded my family over the years. I have two sons, Brody (4) and Brock (1). Hope the McNeeley's are doing well!





Courtney Stafford FamilyCOURTNEY STAFFORD

I currently work at a long term care facility in my hometown, Slaton, Texas. I love working for and with people I have known my entire life. My mom also works at the facility. It's such a pleasure to get to see my mom every day. Not many people have that opportunity. I have been happily married for 8 years and I have 3 beautiful, crazy daughters: Kali-5, Tori-4, and Marli-1. The girls talk about growing up and teaching patients how to speak and swallow. I'm one proud momma! I am so grateful and honored to receive this amazing scholarship.




Shayna Peabody FamilySHAYNA PEABODY
2005 recipient

I was honored to be awarded the Tammy McNeeley Memorial Endowed Scholarship in 2005! It was an absolute blessing to my family! Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings! I am currently taking the opportunity to stay home with my 3 year old daugther, Brynli, and 1 year old son, Hayes. Thank you McNeeley family for being so generous over the years!







Sarai Granados familySARAI GRANADOS
2004 recipient

My name is Sarai Granados, and I was blessed to be awarded the scholarship in 2004 right before I graduated. Since graduating, my career and my life have taken me to some exciting places including Chicago, Il., and Colorado Springs, Co. Even so, I always knew my journey would lead me back to Texas. I am very thankful and proud to now work at the TTUHSC Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Clinic as a clinical instructor to graduate students.




Laura Schroder Melnick FamilyLAURA (SCHRODER) MELNICK
2002 recipient

I have always felt so honored to be included in this list of amazing students. After graduation, I worked in a small hospital outside Fort Worth before marrying Ken, a fellow speech-language pathologist, and moving to Worcester, Mass. I worked in a teaching hospital before staying home with our children, Caroline, 5, and Jacob, 3. Now I teach undergraduate communication disorder courses at Worcester State University. I often think of your family and reflect on the blessing I have to share my passion for speech-language pathology with other students in this field.




Laura Zupancic family photoLaura Williams Zupancic
2001 recipient

 I'm grateful that the McNeeley family added to my spirit of generosity that I try to put forth every day. I worked in rehab upon graduation, and I'm starting my 10th year in the public schools. In that time, I also worked a couple of years in the department at TTUHSC. I married Steven and we are blessed to have 2 spirited, determined, happy and loving girls, Julia and Andrea.



Candace Moore FamilyCANDACE (Rothwell) MOORE
2000 recipient

I was honored to receive the Tammy McNeeley scholarship in 2000. My passion is helping children of all ages become functional communicators. I have been working in the school system since August of 2001. I married Russ in December of 2001 and my life has been one exciting adventure ever since. We have one son, Duncan, who is 9. He wants to be a professional tennis player and own an engineering company when he grows up. Although we love traveling around the world, we always love coming home to Lubbock. I hope to make a difference in the lives of others just as you have made a difference in my life by graciously awarding me this scholarship.


1999 recipient

 After receiving the Tammy McNeeley Scholarship in 1999 and then completing my degree in 2000, I worked as an audiologist for a local ENT for 4 years. Since the birth of my first children in 2004, I have been a stay at home mom while keeping my credentials up to date and being a substitute audiologist when the opportunity arises! We spend our time camping, taking care of our animals and tending a small garden. Life is never dull with a 1st and 3rd grader!