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Interprofessional Practice and Education at TTUHSC

Health care professionals, who learn together, work better together. Interprofessional practice and education (IPE) is a powerful tool to establish links between the education system and the health care delivery system. As a leader in health care education, TTUHSC’s overarching goal for IPE is to prepare all health professional students for deliberately and collaboratively working together to reach a common goal of well-coordinated, high quality patient-centered care. Classroom instruction alone is not enough to prepare students for collaborative practice. There must be opportunities for multiple professions working together inherent in the process; the focus of IPE is students, faculty, and preceptors linking their own professional roles with students, faculty, and preceptors in other professions to promote teamwork for safe, quality, and cost-effective care.

The mission of the Office of Interprofessional Education at TTUHSC is to inspire and transform future healthcare professionals through collaborative learning of interprofessional methods in student education, faculty development, and preceptor training to advance the overall health and well-being of the West Texas community and beyond.

To ensure that our learners will be able to work effectively in teams, we need to educate them in learning environments where the model is interprofessional collaborative care. To this end, all incoming TTUHSC students, regardless of school affiliation, will be required to complete the IPE core curriculum prior to graduation. The IPE core curriculum is composed of two components including successful completion of a non-credit online course (>70% accuracy on all knowledge post-tests) and successful participation in at least one registered IPE learning activity. Beginning in AY 2021-2022, a TeamSTEPPS Essentials module will be added to the non-credit online course. Failure to complete the IPE core curriculum will result in delayed graduation. Students should consult their academic/program advisor and/or school catalog for additional information.

IPE Core Curriculum Components 

1.      Completion of Interprofessional Practice and Education Modules: The Foundations for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice consists of a series of eight online modules about interprofessionalism, roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, teamwork, ethical values for collaborative practice, interprofessional collaboration through technology, TeamSTEPPS Essentials, and 8 dimensions of wellness and emotional intelligence.

2.      Participation in an Interprofessional Practice and Education Learning Activity: All incoming TTUHSC students will be required to successfully participate in at least one registered IPE learning activity before graduation. All qualifying IPE learning activities must be registered with the Office of Interprofessional Education and meet all criteria for IPE including involvement of two or more professions; significant interactivity between participants; opportunities to learn about, from, and with one another; and interprofessional teaching/learning that is intentionally targeted, discussed, addressed, and/or assessed.

All Registered IPE Activities Will Meet the Following Criteria:

1.      Involvement of two or more professions.

2.      Opportunities to learn about, from, and with one another.

3.      Significant interactivity between participants.

4.      Teaching and/or learning about interprofessional practice and education is intentionally integrated into the activity. Interprofessional practice and education constructs are targeted with IPE learning objectives and are also discussed, trained, reviewed, and/or assessed as part of the learning activity. 



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