Frequently Asked Questions | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

The 2021 Fall Symposium will be held in a virtual online environment.  

The virtual symposium is open to all TTUHSC students, faculty, and staff across all TTUHSC schools, campuses, and distance learning programs. 

How can I access the online symposium on the day of the event?
Information on accessing the virtual event will be posted on this page and shared in an email with all participants prior to November 5th.  

Is all day attendance at the IPE Fall Symposium required?
Full day attendance at the entire IPE Fall Symposium is not required.  The morning session is intended for all audiences and the afternoon session is geared towards students.  It is recommended that students attend both the morning keynote session and the afternoon case-based learning activity, as the case selection is diretly related to the keynote presentation.  

The afternoon portion of the IPE Fall Symposium is a registered IPE Learning Activity and all students attending will receive a certificate of participation to take back to their individual schools. 

Is there a dress code for the symposium?  What do I need to prepare?
There is not a dress code to attend the symposium.  Please be mindful of your background during the breakout sessions in the afternoon case study discussion. All participants should represent their schools and programs professionally (i.e., do not attend from your bed, dress appropriately, actively participate).

Inforamtion for student pre-work will be sent out in late October with your team assisgnment for the afternon case study discussion.  Pre-work should be completed prior to the event.

Participants will need to log in to the symposium from a laptop or computer with access to a strong internet connection. Participation by phones such as android or smart phones, iPads, etc. is not recommended as participants using this method will not be able to engage fully in the event.

What is the target audience for the morning session?
The morning session is ideal for all faculty, students, staff, administration, and guests. The morning session will be open to the public.

Can I attend the symposium if I am outside TTUHSC?
Those outside TTUHSC are welcome to attend the symposium!  We encourage collaboration with other university programs and students.  When registering, please select the appropriate category indicating your status.  Participants outside of the education setting are welcome to attend.  

What is the deadline for registration?
In order to facilitate room assignments and the needs of the IPE Fall Symposium, a registration deadline is firmly set for October 15, 2021.  Those wanting to register outside this time period can contact the IPE office to see if space is available.  

How can I download the IPE Fall Symposium materials?
All materials for the IPE Fall Symposium will be shared via email. A link to documents will be on the Fall Symposium page on the IPE website. 

Who do I contact with additional questions?
Please contact the Office of Interprofessional Education at (806) 743-2028 or  email us with any questions or concerns about the IPE Fall Symposium.