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TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and other teamwork skills among healthcare professionals.  The two-day, interactive train-the-trainer course will prepare participants to plan, teach, implement, and sustain TeamSTEPPS fundamentals in school programs, curriculums, and clinics.

TeamSTEPPS was developed in partnership between the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication among healthcare providers.  For more information on TeamSTEPPS, visit the AHRQ website

TeamSTEPPS Training Curriculum 

TeamSTEPPS Master Training consists of a series of 12 modules designed to optimize team performance.  The Fundamentals Modules (1-7) include discussion on team structure, communication, leading teams, situational monitoring, and mutual support.  Supplemental Modules (8-12) provide trainer information on change management, coaching, measurement, and implementation.  

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