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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Volunteers working an event

Social Wellness

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships with others as we seek to improve the communities in which we live.


  • Spend quality time with family members (spouse/partner, children)
  • Develop a network of friends and make time for them
  • Stay in contact with extended family and friends who live far away
  • Get involved in a faith community, civic organization, or other group 
  • Participate in charity events or other group activities

Tips for Social Wellness:

  1. Develop the art of “active listening”; be open, suspend judgment, avoid the temptation to interrupt, ask questions that increase understanding, and summarize what you’ve heard.

  2. When disagreements occur, beware of the temptation to become competitive or combative; think “Let’s build something together (understanding, a solution)!”

  3. Deposit valuable “relational currencies” into the banks of your relationship; these are things that communicate caring and create connection, such as listening, positive verbal statements, acts of service, and time together.