MSN-MBA Dual Degree | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Administration prepares students to assume nursing leadership and management positions in a variety of healthcare settings.  Students complete the program via on-line courses and practicum experiences.  As the student progresses through the program, they have the opportunity to apply to the MSN-MBA Dual Degree.


MSN-MBA Dual Degree

The MSN-MBA Dual Degree Program is an agreement between TTUHSC School of Nursing and TTU Rawls College of Business, allowing the two institutions to create an MSN-MBA Dual Degree Program by way of transferring course credits. As a result, the student can earn two degrees as conferred by the individual institution, a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Administration and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Health Organization Management. The degree requirements are reduced from 78 hours to 57 hours by jointly administering the MSN-MBA Dual Degree Program. Twenty-one hours of transfer credits are pre-approved to serve as dual credit.

MSN Nursing Administration Degree requirement of 36 credit hours is maintained.

9 hours are pre-approved transfer credits

MBA Program requirement of 42 credit hours is maintained.

12 hours are pre-approved transfer credits


The way it works is, the student enters into our MSN Administration program through the same processes and criteria used by all administration students. Once admitted, students notify the MSN Administration Program Director of their interest in the MSN-MBA Dual Degree Program. Based on their academic performance, cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more, the recommended student applies to TTU Rawls College of Business.  After TTU acceptance, the MSN degree plan is revised to include the dual credit courses. Students will graduate from TTUHSC and continue with TTU to complete the MBA requirements.

MSN-MBA Dual Degree Requirements

TTUHSC School of Nursing - MSN Administration Degree (36 credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Credits
NURS 5324 Population Health Essentials for Advanced Nursing Practice (3:3:0 O)
NURS 5346 The Nursing Administrator: Standards of Excellence (CL) (3:2.5:2 O)
NURS 5351 Scientific Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing (3:3:0 O)
NURS 5353 Informatics, Quality and Safety (3:3:0 O)
NURS 5385 Health Law Survey for the Nurse Executive (3:3:0 O)
*NURS 5447  Administrative Role Development (CL) (4:3.5:2 O)
*NURS 5448  Administrative Role Development: The Nurse Administrator as Leader (CL) (4:3:4 O)
*NURS 6410  Application of Administrative Practice (CL) (4:1:12 O)
*FIN 5320  Financial Management Concepts (Replaces NURS5386) (3:3:0 O)
*MGT 5371  Managing Org. Behavior & Org. Design (Replaces NURS5317: Comprehensive Clinical Care) (3:3:0 O)
*MGT 5372  Leadership and Ethics (Replaces NURS5352) (3:3:0 O)
ACCT 5301 Financial and Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite to FIN 5320, not a dual credit course) See Below

*Dual Credits (21 Hours)
Light red filled cells indicate courses taken through TTU


Graduate with MSN – continue with MBA requirements

TTU Rawls College – MBA Degree (21 credits hours remaining)
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
 ACCT 5301  Financial and Managerial Accounting  (3:3:0 O)
 HOM 5306  Introduction to Healthcare Systems  (3:3:0 O)
 HOM 5309  HOM IV: Integrated Healthcare Operations  (3:3:0 O)
 ISQS 5345  Statistical Concepts for Business and Management  (3:3:0 O)
 MKT 5360  Marketing Concepts and Strategies  (3:3:0 O)
  **Elective #1  (3:3:0 O)
  **Elective #2   (3:3:0 O)

** Student self-selects from a list of courses