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*TTUHSC Student Financial Aid Notice*

The Office of Student Financial Aid is currently working remotely due to office renovation until further notice.  For questions or assistance during this time, please contact the office by:

email: or phone: 806-743-3025


The Financial Aid Process  

Professional Circumstances

The 2021-2022 FAFSA is based on 2019 income information.  We understand the past few years have been difficult and challenging for many of our students and their families.  The 2019 income listed on your FAFSA may have changed or your family has different circumstances since 2019.  As a result, your FAFSA data today for the 2021-2022 academic year may not accurately reflect your current circumstances.

If your income or family situation has changed, we might be able to assist you through the Special Circumstances/Professional Judgment process.  Learn more by visiting our Professional Judgement/Special Circumstances webpage

Short Term/Emergency Tuition Loans

Short term loans are offered to all students currently enrolled through the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, except those students who are within 30 days of their graduation date. The Emergency Tuition Loan is intended to pay the total cost of tuition and fees. Short Term Loans are also available to buy books and supplies, or for other living expenses. All types of loans have a maximum repayment timeframe of 90 days.     Short Term/Emergency Tuition Loans

Student Financial Aid Survey Information

Student Financial Aid Survey - Results and Information for Students

Student Orientation Presentations

 Scholarship Information

Important Information

CARES Act Information