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Dear TTUHSC Students,


There now are confirmed cases of community spread COVID-19 in our TTUHSC service area, so we are making additional changes on our campuses to further ensure the safety and well-being of our TTUHSC family.

As you are all aware, the impact of COVID-19 on the TTUHSC community is constantly changing. I will continue to communicate with you regularly via email to provide updates as they become available.

Campus Access

By Wednesday, March 25, all campus employees not essential to university critical functions will transition to working remotely. This will help ensure we are minimizing unnecessary contact as part of the public health solution to COVID-19 while continuing to support our great university.

With this transition, students will no longer be able to access campus buildings for the purpose of studying. If you do not have internet service, please contact your local service providers. Many companies are offering special deals in response to the pandemic. TTUHSC is also working to install exterior access points in critical locations on each campus to allow you to have wireless access from your vehicles. These devices are expected to be installed in the upcoming week. Finally, if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, please inform your course instructor(s) or program director as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.


A committee of representatives from each school has developed a proposal for a virtual, institution-wide graduation ceremony in May. As part of this proposal, each school may also choose to offer additional ceremony alternatives for its students. No final decisions have been made, but the Deans will discuss the details of the proposal in the coming days.

Active Military-Affiliated Students

If you are a military-affiliated student who has been activated in response to the pandemic, contact Sara Henly in the HSC Veterans Resource Center at Also, make sure to communicate with your respective academic advisor or program coordinator to discuss any options related to your current coursework. Please refer to TTUHSC Operating Policy 77.16 for guidelines related to students who are unable to complete a semester because of active duty as a result of U.S. military demands or an official declaration of emergency.

Student Assistance

A number of resources are available to you. Please utilize these as needed:


Communicating COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

At this time, TTUHSC has no confirmed COVID-19 cases among our students. However, should this change, we will provide notification.

Please continue to practice social distancing and handwashing. I also encourage you to continue to reference the TTUHSC COVID-19 website for additional information and resources.

You each are a valuable member of our TTUHSC family and our priority is to ensure your safety and well-being. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters together as ONE TEAM.


 Warmest regards,


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Lori Rice-Spearman, Ph.D.
Interim President and Provost
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center