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Dear TTUHSC faculty and staff,


For today's Presidential Town Hall, I'm pleased to have Dr. Ron Cook and Dr. Hal Larsen joining me.


Presidential Town Hall, hosted by

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Noon, Wednesday, June 10
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The CDC credits facial coverings as a way to minimize the spread of COVID-19 when worn correctly. I've asked Dr. Cook to discuss the different types of face coverings and demonstrate how to wear them.

As you may know, TTUHSC has been my professional home for more than three decades, and I'm so very grateful to have been part of our university's history. I'm honored to have my dear friend and longtime colleague Dr. Larsen joining me to share a collection of stories from my time at TTUHSC.

I am deeply honored for this opportunity to serve as your president. As I mentioned in my video message, TTUHSC's future looks bright - that's because of the work you do each day to make our great university even better.


Warmest regards,


Lori Rice-Spearman 


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Lori Rice-Spearman, Ph.D.
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center