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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.


Although TTUHSC is not currently mandating facial coverings, we highly recommend you wear a facial covering when you are indoors among groups of people. Facial coverings have been an effective part of the COVID-19 management strategy. This safety precaution supports our efforts to continue operations without disruptions and provide as traditional of an educational experience as possible.

This page was last updated August 2 , 2021


Facial Coverings 

Additionally, in line with TTUHSC’s standard practices to keep patients safe in all circumstances, we will continue to ask patients who may risk spreading infection to wear a mask within our clinics. Patients may be asked to wear a mask if they have a known or suspected risk for transmission of infectious agents. For those who are not able to wear a mask, we will work to make arrangements to provide care in a way that also keeps others safe.