1. Where is the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Physician Assistant (PA) program located?

      The TTUHSC PA Program is located on the Midland College campus in Midland, Texas.

    2. Will I be able to work while attending this program?

      Students are strongly discouraged from employment during their time in the program.

    3. What is the board pass rate for the TTUHSC PA program?

      The five-year first-time pass rate is 97% compared to the national average of 95%. For the Class of 2016 the first- time pass rate was 100% and 98% for Class of 2017. Please see the link on the program home page for the five-year first time taker summary report.

    4. What is the relationship between faculty and students like?

      The faculty and instructors are very accessible and concerned with the welfare and success of each student. All students are assigned academic advisors who are available to meet with students upon request.

    5. How is the camaraderie between classmates?

      Every class varies. Many classes set up study groups and social functions. It helps to become involved in community projects and to take a proactive role in the things affecting your class, program, and profession as a whole.

    6. Where will I do my clinical rotations?

      Students are assigned to clinical regions and move to those regions for the clerkship year. Clinical sites are currently established in the Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, Amarillo, Abilene, and El Paso areas. Travel within or between regions may be required. Students also complete rural rotations where housing is provided. Students submit preferences for specific regions in the spring of the didactic year. The program considers those preferences with the needs of the program and clinical site availability for region assignment.

    7. What makes a successful physician assistant student candidate?

      A minimally qualified candidate will have an academic background with a minimum cumulative and science GPA of 3.0. Stronger candidates will have a higher GPA (with an emphasis on most recent coursework). Competitive candidates will have a history of community service, extracurricular activities, exposure to health-care and knowledge of the PA profession. Competitive candidates generally will have documented PA or healthcare shadowing experience or other patient care experiences.

    8. How much clinical experience is required?

      There are no set parameters for this. Although no clinical experience is required, it does show that you have been exposed to the medical field. The students in the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 varied drastically. Some that were selected had no experience, while others had over 10 years of clinical experience.

    9. How does my GPA impact the selection process?

      It is important because we believe it is an objective demonstration of the applicant's ability to perform academically. We will utilize the cumulative and overall science GPA as calculated by CASPA. Therefore, your GPA used for application screening will be calculated based on the courses you have completed at the time you complete your CASPA application. Prerequisite course completion and overall GPA will be confirmed prior to matriculation. Applicants should realize their entire academic transcript is reviewed.

    10. Are there other courses that are recommended in preparation for the PA Program Curriculum?

      There are courses that are not required as prerequisites that may help better prepare students to undertake the rigorous curriculum of the program. These courses include Human Development, Cellular or Molecular Biology, and Immunology. Knowledge of Medical Terminology is also beneficial.

    11. Is healthcare or shadowing experience required?

      No, healthcare or shadowing experiences are not required. These experiences do strengthen the admissions application. PA mentorship or shadowing experiences are encouraged.

    12. How many candidates will be selected for the class?

      The PA Program typically interviews approximately 180-200 applicants. Up to sixty students will matriculate into the class. For more information on the number of applications and other admissions outcomes, please see the Mission and Goals report on the “About the Program” page.

    13. How soon after the interviews will I be notified of my acceptance status?

      The TTUHSC PA Program offers a "rolling" interview process beginning in the fall semester. Some applicants will be notified of their acceptance within a week of their interview, and others will be notified of their acceptance or non-selection after all interviews have taken place. Acceptances may occur throughout the Spring up to the date of matriculation.

    14. Is there a fee for “guaranteeing” my position in the program?

      Yes, there is a $100, non-refundable placement guarantee fee. This fee amount is subject to change.

    15. Can I complete this program part-time?

      No, Due to the fixed sequence of the curriculum, all students must enroll on a full-time basis.

    16. Do I have to complete all of the courses in the program?

      Yes, every student must successfully complete all courses in the program to be eligible for graduation. No advanced placement is granted. The listing of courses is available on the "Curriculum" page on the PA Program Website. The academic performance and progression standards are located in the Student Handbook.

    17. What are the tuition, fees, and estimated financial aid budget for the program?

      TTUHSC PA Program Estimated Financial Budget 2017-2018
      PA Budget Items & Est Costs for 2017-2018 Year 1 Resident 12 Months Year 1 Non-Resident 12 Months Year 2 Resident 12 Months Year 2 Non-Resident 12 Months Year 3 Resident 3 Months Year 3 Non-Resident 3 Months
      Tuition 14,046  35,739  13,509  35,739  2,844  7,524
      Fees 2,272  2,272  2,202  2,202  687  687
      Books/Supplies 2,700  2,700  2,700 2,700   900 900 
      Housing/Food 15,600  15,600  15,600  15,600  10,075  10,075
      Transportation 6,000  6,000  6,000  6,000  3,875  3,875
      Personal/Misc 9,529  9,529  9,529  9,529  6,154  6,154
      Total $50,147  $71,840  $49,540  $71,770  $24,535  $29,215

For additional information on Tuition and Fees, see either of these Student Business Services websites. Information on the policies and procedures for payment and refunds of tuition and fees is located at: Refund Policy

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