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Graduate Medical Education Sciences GPA Calculation

As part of the GMES application, potential students must calculate and submit specific aspects of their GPA as a supplemental item on the application. This page is designed to help facilitate this. Below you will find instructions on how to perform this calculation and then an excel sheet that, once filled out, will be uploaded to BioRaider and reviewed by the GMES Admissions Committee. 

Please keep in mind that the values you calculate in the spreadsheet will be validated by the GMES Admissions Committee.

What is validation?

Validation is a process by which the GSBS verifies what you entered in the GMES GPA Calculator against official transcripts for those applicants who submit & complete the application. We compare each transcript to verify that the course work entered matches exactly to what is on the transcripts. All official transcripts must be received by GSBS before the validation process can be completed. Any application where incorrect information is found to have been entered will be viewed as falsifying academic records and the application will not move forward for review by the GMES Admissions Committee. It is the applicant’s duty to ensure all coursework is entered accurately into the GMES GPA Calculator to give accurate GPA calculations for admission consideration.


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