iThenticate for Graduate Students | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

General Guidelines

  1. Graduate student access to iThenticate is provided as a courtesy, and is available only when there are unused faculty accounts.  Student accounts are regularly deactivated to accommodate the needs of faculty and other students. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Graduate students are only permitted to scan their own work (i.e., their own manuscript, thesis, dissertation, or grant proposal).
  3. Graduate students should not repeatedly scan the same document, making only minor modifications between scans. This can contribute to mosaic plagiarism.
  4. Graduate students are not permitted to scan the work of others. This means that you cannot use iThenticate to scan work for friends or colleagues inside or outside of TTUHSC. If you are not a creator/author/contributor of a document, do not scan it.
  5. For Graduate students that are teaching undergraduate courses, iThenticate cannot be used to scan the work of undergraduate students in their classes. The “VeriCite” software in Sakai is the appropriate tool for scanning undergraduate coursework.
  6. Graduate students are expected to use the software efficiently and conservatively. Wasteful use of iThenticate is not permitted. 
  7. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to permanent or temporary account deactivation. If a graduate student account is deactivated, the faculty advisor may need to contact to request reactivation of student User Accounts for the iThenticate software.