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Vehicle Registration

  • Permits are required to operate or benefit from the use of a motor vehicle on the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center campus.
  • Refunds: May be available for unused portions of a permit and requested through the Parking Registration office.
  • TTUHSC faculty/staff and students are required to register their motor vehicles with the Parking Services Office on or before the date they commence operating a motor vehicle on campus. Faculty/staff may receive an additional sticker for use on a second car.
  • Operation of a motor vehicle without a permit on campus is a violation of TTUHSC policy.
  • For faculty and staff, registration is for twelve months or through the end of the fiscal year (August). For students, registration can vary.
  • Upon termination of employment with TTUHSC, an employee's parking privileges will be canceled.

Renewal: Employee permits with no unpaid citations or fees will have their existing vehicle registration automatically renewed on August 12th. If an employee permit was not automatically renewed due to unpaid fines or fees, once the balance is paid, the employee can renew their permit on the Parking Services website. Reserved spaces that are not renewed by September 1st will be sold to individuals on the wait list. Email to inquire about the reserved parking wait lists.

The State of Texas Legislature has passed a bill that requires us to notify you of the repercussions of not registering your vehicle in the State Texas. BE ADVISED: If you are the owner of a vehicle and are a Texas resident and fail to register your vehicle in this state or to display a current and appropriate inspection certificate issued under Chapter 548, Transportation Code, you may be violating state law. Register by completing the appropriate forms, paying the appropriate fee, and properly affixing the permit on the motor vehicle.

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