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Rural Mental Health Access

The Campus Alliance for Telehealth Resources (CATR) program seeks to improve the mental health of communities across our region in Texas through collaboration with independent school districts (ISDs). CATR is supported by the Texas Child Health Access Though Telemedicine (TCHATT) to assist in directing counseling and telepsychiatry to students across our region, link families with community resources, and provide educational materials for school personnel through community learning collaboratives. The support from TCHATT allows this valuable program to span across the Panhandle Plains region of Texas and extends slightly into the Big Bend, Hill Country, and Prairies and Lakes regions. CATR: Supported by TCHATT improves access to mental health care expertise through free, time-limited mental health services to children and adolescents in need of behavioral or emotional assessment and care.

List of Enrolled Districts


Clinical Services for Students

  • Provides mental health screening to students in grades pre-k - 12th grade
  • Provides mental health resources to our region in Texas
  • Convenient telehealth appointments
  • Follow-up care available


Education and Outreach Services

  • Free learning opportunities for students parents and staff
  • Provides evidence based strategies
  • Collaborative learning experiences
  • Eligible for CEU/CPE credits



As of June 2022

The goals of providing mental health assessment and mental health care in the school setting is to improve access, decrease stigma, decrease time away from school, improve community support, and improve outcomes as soon as possible so students can get back to the work of growing and developing into happy and successful citizens.

Dr. Sarah Mallard Wakefield, MD

Chair, Department of Psychiatry Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services