Teaming Up to Address Mental Health in West Texas | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

West Texas Mental Health Collaborative Unveils Meadows Report Findings and Status of Region’s Mental Health

 mhi presser group

In 2016, Billy Philips, Ph.D., Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) executive vice president for Rural and Community Health, and John Opperman, Ph.D., Texas Tech University (TTU) vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, discussed the importance of convening community partners who have a stake in mental health services in Lubbock. Those conversations led to the establishment of the Texas Tech Mental Health Initiative (TTMHI). The initiative works to establish clinical, education and research opportunities to bring together faculty from TTUHSC and TTU.

Now these efforts will connect through the West Texas Mental Health Collaborative (WTMHC) to work with community partners currently providing mental health care services and with individuals who are working to support families that are experiencing mental health challenges.

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  • Beth Lawson - Starcare CEO
  • Mayor Pope speaking
  • Dr. Rice-Spearman and Dr. Mitchell listening
  • Dr. Trevino, Dr. Michell and Dr. Rice-Spearman
  • Beth Lawson and Mayor Pope
  • Dr. Trevino, Ph.D.
  • MHI Team
  • Dr. Mitchell making a point
  • Mayor Dan Pope
  • Dr. Rice-Spearman, Dr. Mtichell and Mayor Pope
  • Dr. Mitchell and Mayor Pope
  • Dr. Lori Rice-Spearman in UC
  • Dr. Mitchell in UC
  • Mayor Pope and Dr. Rice-Spearman
  • Beth Lawson, Dr. Spearman, Dr. Mitchell and Mayor Pope
  • Mayor Pope, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Spearman and Dr. Trevino
  • Dr. Rice-Spearman and Bryce
  • Dr. Rice-Spearman finishing speech
  • Mayor Pope and Dr. Rice-Spearman
  • Dr. Rice-Spearman speaking
  • Drs. Trevino, Mitchell, Rice-Spearman and Mayor pope discussion
  • Dr. Nancy Trevino
  • Dr. Tedd Mitchell speaking to MHI
  • Mayor Pope and Dr. Mitchell listening to Dr. Rice-Spearman