How to Avoid a Trauma Surgeon This Summer | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
summer traumas

Trauma surgeons are trained to help you during your darkest hour. Patients wake up in the morning, and not for a second, think, “Today is the day that something unthinkable is going to happen. I’ll need a trip to the emergency room, perhaps an operation, and I may even wake up in the intensive care unit. Today is the day that a trauma team of nurses and doctors will work around the clock to save my life.” 

The world has been on edge for more than a year with COVID-19 permeating into all aspects of our lives. While summertime for trauma surgeons has always been busier than the winter months, the vaccine rollout and easing restrictions coupled with a strong desire to return to a sense of normalcy have amplified the trauma burden across the United States. Taking precautions and extra care will not guarantee accidents won’t happen, but they can ensure you and your loved ones are mitigating them as best you can. 




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