Youth Suicide: We Need to Address It | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United States for children ages 10-14 and the third leading cause of death for teens ages 15-19. Natalie Scanlon, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Physicians, provided tips for keeping children safe. Scanlon said there are many potential warning signs of suicidality and parents should keep an eye out for the following signs. 

“If children begin talking about it, or some may draw about it or write notes, or other things, those are some of the more overt signs we should be concerned and start to ask questions,” Scanlon said. “If you notice any change in a child’s normal baseline functioning. If they go from being more of an extroverted social kid to more isolated and introverted, that can be a warning sign. If you notice changes in academic performance, eating or sleeping, reckless or risky behavior, that can be a warning sign.” 




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  • Natalie Scanlon, Ph.D.
  • Natalie Scanlon, Ph.D.
  • Natalie Scanlon, Ph.D.

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