New Year’s Resolutions to Exercise: Why Some Flourish While Others Falter | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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TTUHSC Expert Advises on Success and Failure Factors for Fitness Goals

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While starting an exercise routine is a popular New Year’s resolution, abandoning that resolution early on is almost as common. Toby Brooks, Ph.D., director of the Master of Athletic Training program at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s School of Health Professions, said the journey from resolution to reality is often paved with setbacks. He said that’s where commitment, discipline and adaptability come in.

“People tell me, ‘Oh, I set my New Year's resolution, and you know, it's January 20 and I've already messed it up.’ But what's your February resolution? You know, there's nothing magical about January 1 that says we can only set goals at that time.”

Brooks cited several factors which impact whether a commitment to exercise thrives or dies. Usually, planning and starting a workout routine seems daunting. 




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  • Toby Brooks, Ph.D.
  • Toby Brooks, Ph.D.

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