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Welcome to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Office of Diversity and Inclusion, a home for diversity and community at TTUHSC. The office of an ethnic minority or the gender minority, those who are disabled or veterans, as well as first-generation college students and LGBTQ students. You are invited to participate in our all-inclusive programs and celebrate diversity at TTUHSC as we strive to encourage, enlighten and empower future health care experts.

  • ENCOURAGE all students to meet their full potential.
  • ENLIGHTEN the TTUHSC community about diversity issues.
  • EMPOWER all students to openly be their most diverse self within a culture of acceptance.
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is focused on supporting and enhancing our commitment to diversity for all who learn and work on our campuses.


Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D.

Chancellor Texas Tech University System

Diversity Statement

The core foundational value of including the diverse cultures, lifestyles, personal beliefs and ideas of all those we serve ─ and serve alongside ─ provides a positive impact on the health of our regional, national and global societies. As we pursue excellence in health care education, research and patient care, we will be ever mindful of the strength that is gained through unity in diversity.