The following courses are offered at least once every year. MSHA students entering the program will be required to complete 36 semester hours to meet degree requirements. They will include 30 hours of core class requirements and 6 hours of elective courses.

MSHA Curriculum

Course Designation
HPHA 5305 Principles of Management & Leadership in Healthcare
HPHA 5306 Healthcare Delivery System
HPHA 5307 Human Resources Management in Healthcare
HPHA 5309 Healthcare Research Methods & Statistics
HPHA 5310 Health Law and Ethics
HPHA 5311 Healthcare Finance
HPHA 5312 Strategic Planning & Marketing in Healthcare
HPHA 5313 Healthcare Economics and Policy
HPHA 5314 Healthcare Administration Capstone
HPHA 5330 Health Informatics & Data Analytics
Course Designation
HPHA 5302 Medical Sociology
HPHA 5316 Independent Study
HPHA 5318 Organizational Behavior and Theory
HPHA 5320 Health Insurance and Reimbursement
HPHA 5321 Healthcare Operations & Supply Chain Management
HPHA 5322 Quality, Patient Safety & Risk Management
HPHA 5323 Healthcare Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
HPHA 5324 Health Systems Engineering
HPHA 5325 Long Term Care Administration
HPHA 5326 Healthcare Decision Sciences and Business Analysis
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