Physician Assistant Studies Curriculum | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


The TTUHSC PA Program is a 27-month program consisting of 125 semester equivalent credit hours of academic and clinical education. Students will spend 15 months completing didactic coursework at the Midland campus. Students will then enter the clinical phase, completing 8 supervised clinical practice experiences in various medical disciplines. Students will learn applied medical; behavioral and social sciences; patient assessment; clinical medicine; health systems and policy; evidence-based medicine; and professional practice issues consistent with the program mission and goals. The program is competency-based. Each student must be able to demonstrate competency in the following domains:

Medical Knowledge
Clinical & Technical Skills
Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Community Consciousness & Societal Health
Clinical Reasoning & Problem Solving

Please refer to the detailed description of the competencies

Upon completion of the program, students are awarded the Master of Physician Assistant Studies Degree and eligible for the National Commission for Certification of the Physician Assistant (NCCPA) PANCE examination.

The PA student must be prepared for long hours of study and clinical training; therefore, holding a job while in the program is discouraged. Students should be prepared for travel by personal vehicle. During the clinical year, clinical rotation sites may be away from the Midland-Odessa or home regional campus area. Students must plan for the arrangements and expenses of rotations away from their home.

Summer Semester - Year 1
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 5191 Professional Development I 1 hour
HPPA 5306 Pharmacology I 3 hours
HPPA 5406 Basic Sciences I 4 hours
HPPA 5501 Human Anatomy 5 hours
HPPA 5261 Clinical Skills I 2 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
Fall Semester - Year 1
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 5392 Professional Development II 3 hours
HPPA 5307 Pharmacology II 3 hours
HPPA 5308 Basic Sciences II 3 hours
HPPA 5120 Clinical Medicine: Dermatology 1 hour
HPPA 5121 Clinical Medicine: Ophthalmology 0.5 hours
HPPA 5122 Clinical Medicine: Ears, Nose, and Throat 1 hour
HPPA 5123 Clinical Medicine: Gastroenterology/Nutrition 1.5 hours
HPPA 5124 Clinical Medicine: Hematology/Oncology 1 hour
HPPA 5125 Clinical Medicine: Infectious Disease 1 hour
HPPA 5326 Clinical Medicine: Psychiatry/Behavioral Science 3 hours
HPPA 5462 Clinical Skills II 4 hours
Total Hours 22 hours
Spring Semester - Year 1
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 5193 Professional Development III 1 hour
HPPA 5427 Clinical Medicine: Cardiovascular 4 hours
HPPA 5128 Clinical Medicine: Endocrinology 1 hour
HPPA 5429 Clinical Medicine: Musculoskeletal 4 hours
HPPA 5130 Clinical Medicine: Neurology 1.5 hours
HPPA 5231 Clinical Medicine: Pulmonary 2 hours
HPPA 5132 Clinical Medicine: Renal 1.5 hours
HPPA 5333 Clinical Medicine: Essentials of Pediatrics 3 hours
HPPA 5363 Clinical Skills III 3 hours
Total Hours 21 hours
Summer Semester - Year 2
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 6302 Cultural Competency for the PA 3 hours
HPPA 5194 Professional Development IV 1 hour
HPPA 5134 Clinical Medicine: Genitourinary (Male and Female) 0.5 hour
HPPA 5235 Clinical Medicine: Reproductive (Male and Female) 2 hours
HPPA 5136 Clinical Medicine: Essentials of Geriatrics 0.5 hour
HPPA 5237 Clinical Medicine: Essentials of Surgery 2.5 hours
HPPA 5238 Clinical Medicine: Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2.5 hours
HPPA 5364 Clinical Skills IV 3 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
Clinical Year Clerkship Courses (Fall II, Spring II, Summer III)
Course Designation Hours/Weeks
HPPA 6601 Family Medicine Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6602 Internal Medicine Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6603 Prenatal Care and Gynecology Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6604 Pediatric Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6605 Emergency Medicine Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6606 Selective Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6607 Psychiatry Clerkship 6 hours
HPPA 6608 Surgery Clerkship 6 hours
Clinical Year Didactic Courses - Fall II
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 6294 Evidence Based Medicine I 2 hours
Clinical Year Didactic Courses - Spring II
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 6195 Evidence Based Medicine II 1 hour
Clinical Year Didactic Courses - Summer III
Course Designation Credit Hours
HPPA 6196 Professional Development V 1 hour
Combined Total Hours
Area of Study Credit Hours
Didactic 73 hours
Clinical Clerkship 52 hours
Total Program Hours 125 hours

Accommodations and Disabilities

It is the policy of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Health Professions to conduct educational programs in a place and manner accessible to individuals with disabilities and to make reasonable modifications and accommodations necessary to achieve this purpose. Persons with disabilities in need of special assistance should notify the course instructor or contact the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Office of Student Affairs at (806) 743-2300 for information and assistance.