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                    Registration will open 9-9-2020

2020 IPE Fall Symposium

November 6, 2020                  9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Registration for the IPE Fall Symposium will open on Wednesday, 9/9/2020.   For 2020, the IPE Fall Symposium will be held in an online format through VConfernceOnline, from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. 

The IPE Fall Symposium is an annual event hosted by the Office of Interprofessional Education for all TTUHSC students, faculty, staff, and guests. The IPE Fall Symposium provides an opportunity to learn about, from, and with one another to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes.

This year’s symposium is titled: Interprofessional Collaboration: Life Beyond Treatment and features keynotes, Suleika Jaouad and Cheryl Erwin, JD, Ph.D.  Suleika Jaouad (Suleika.jaouad.com) will kick off the IPE Fall Symposium with her keynote address, What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living. Suleika will share her personal story of living with Leukemia, the teamwork and collaboration needed in providing quality care, and the need for empathy and awareness of the patient experience beyond healing patients.

Cheryl Erwin, JD, Ph.D., is a professor in the Departments of Medical Education and Psychiatry at TTUHSC and chairs the Center for Ethics, Humanities, and Spirituality. Dr. Erwin will tie together the need for research, team-based care, and a more robust understanding of the importance of teamwork in healthcare today. Dr. Erwin’s keynote title, Interprofessional Teamwork: An Ethical Imperative, will share insight into the level of team-based care needed across professions.

Other speakers include Lauren Ford, SOM Class of 2021, Tara Scorch, Outlive Yourself Foundation, and Earl Young, 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist and bone marrow recipient.

The afternoon session of the IPE Fall Symposium will consist of a student case study discussion.

Registration is free and can be accessed through our VConferenceOnline conference link at http://bit.ly/ipefsregister. In the registration process, participants will be asked to create a user name and password that will also serve as the access point for the event.

For more information on the symposium, please contact the Office of Interprofessional Education at (806) 743-2028, email us at ipe@ttuhsc.edu, or visit our website www.ttuhsc.edu/interprofessional-education.   

 The IPE Fall Symposium will be held virtually in an online conference format for 2020.  Registration is open to all students, faculty, and staff across all TTUHSC campuses and online learning programs.  

The online format will include several keynote speakers, an opportunity to visit an exhibit hall with booths relevant to the symposium theme, student networking areas, and breakout room sessions for the afternoon case study discussion.

This page will be upated as additional content is available to share. 

The IPE Fall Symposium is a registered TTUHSC IPE Learning Activity and participating students who attend the afternoon session will receive a certificate for their attendance and credit towards graduation. 







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2019 Fall Symposium Highlights

  • 1,818 faculty, students and staff in attendance across all campuses
  • 421+ students attending from other institutions and universities around the region

Student Comments:

  • "Taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of my patient.  I can't partially be there mentally if I want my patient to have quality care and good outcomes."
  • "I really enjoyed the case study and how the teams worked together."
  • "The symposium opened my eyes about how our interactions with patients are so vital not only for that point in time, but how it impacts the patient and you for a lifetime."