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Why Telehealth?

Telehealth is an excellent way for youth to receive personalized, expert care for their mental health needs. This method provides convenient access to professional mental health services along with time and cost savings.

Contact your school's counselor if you have noticed your child experiencing the following: 

Changes in behavior or mood
  • Becoming more isolated
  • Caring less about school, friends or activities
  • Changes in overall mood: more sad or angry
  • Changes in how they talk or think
  • Decline in academic performance, multiple disciplinary referrals, truancy
Thoughts of suicide or self-injury
  • Making statements about not wanting to live
  • Not wanting to wake up
  • Non-accidental injuries or injuries they struggle to explain
  • Statements about being a burden to others
Changes in relationships
  • Argumentative with friends, teachers, or family members
  • Sudden changes in friendships or romantic relationships
  • Notable disinterest in previously important relationships
  • Recurrent non-compliance with school staff
Physical Changes
  • Poor hygiene or rapid unexplained change in appearance
  • Frequent runny nose or nosebleeds, irritated eyes
  • Paranoia, irritability, anxiety, fidgeting
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Significant change in eating or sleeping
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