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Public Health Positions

Listed below are some of the positions in the field of public health. If you are interested in more information about any of the positions listed on this page, please contact us.

Position Title Position Description Salary Range Education Level
Epidemiologist1 Epidemiologists work in the field of public health as investigators of disease outbreaks and trends. $42,810-$113,560 Master's
Biostatistician2 Biostatisticians address health issues with the utilization of statistical analysis and understanding. $42,220-$121,8903 Master's
Healthcare Administrator1 Medical and health services are managed by healthcare administrators, taking into account healthcare laws, regulations, and technology. $58,350-$176,130 Bachelor's/Master's
Outreach Specialist4 Outreach specialists work as advocates for programs and initiatives that positively impact community needs.  $35,000-$100,000  Bachelor's
Public Health Physician4 Public health physicians work to positively influence the health of the population at large, opposed to individual patients. Varies  M.D./MPH 
Public Health Journalist4 Public health journalists work to disseminate public health information via the usage of many technical media platforms. Varies  Bachelor's 
Emergency Response Specialist4 Emergency response specialists aid in developing emergency response plans within their community. $53,000-$90,000  Bachelor's 
Public Health Nurse4 A public health nurse works to positively impact the health of the population at large, more specifically working within communities to improve health of the community. $51,000-$53,000  BSN/MSN,
MPH/Public Health Certification
Heath Educator1 Health educators work to improve the health of individuals and communities. $31,440-$97,160 Bachelor's
Global Infectious Disease Analyst5 Global infectious disease analysts work to monitor the spread of diseases that impact global health. Varies Master's 
Behavioral Scientist4 Behavioral scientists work to understand the nature of people's actions and how that influences their behavioral decisions, development, and relationships. $33,000-$86,000   Bachelor's/Master's