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Green Zone Training (GZT) is designed to increase awareness, understanding, and provide resources to assist military-affiliated students, but will also prove informative for individuals working in patient care. In an effort to increase overall veteran and military awareness, as of March 2020, GZT is available via ACME to all TTUHSC faculty, staff, and students. Please review the GZT Instructions below to access and complete the modules, or reach out to and we can assign the training. Those who complete all six Green Zone Training modules will receive a decal for public display, indicating their support. Thank you!


To access Green Zone Training, please take the following steps:

  1. Log in to WebRaider
  2. Under the Employee tab, see Training Resources tab on the far right of the page
  3. Select the link: "To view your completed training click here." On the top of the page you will see ACME (far left) and Main Menu (far right)
  4. Select Main Menu and then Main Menu a second time
  5. Under the blue heading Participant - select Course Listing
  6. In the search Filter box - type GZT
  7. Click on the Search tab
  8. Select Module 1 to begin 

green zone modules

The following provides the length of time to complete each module:

Module 1 - 45 minutes Module 4 - 8 minutes
Module 2 - 30 minutes (faculty & staff/student versions) Module 5 - 11 minutes
Module 3 - 30 to 75 minutes (3 options) Module 6 - 6 minutes

Total = 130 minutes (2 hours 10 minutes)

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