Residency Program - Curriculum

The Educational Conferences

All residents are required to attend all of the listed conferences without exception. Repeated absenteeism could affect the resident's advancement and promotion. The required educational conferences for all of the residents include the following:

  1. Patient Care Conference (Check Out Conference) (every morning at 0645)
  2. ICU Team Conference for SICU residents (daily 0830- 0930)
  3. ICU Team Conference for BICU residents (Thursdays 1200- 1300)
  4. Grand Rounds (every other Friday 0815- 0915)
  5. Morbidity and Mortality Conference (every Friday 0915- 1015)
  6. Resident Didactic Education (every Friday 1015- 1115)
  7. Senior Resident Oral Board Exam Practice (every Friday 1115- 1200)
  8. Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference (every Friday 0700 - 0800).
  9. Journal Club (monthly, offsite from 0615-0800).
  10. Surgical Simulator and Skills Center (Friday 1015-1215)
  11. Vascular Conference monthly

The Curriculum

The Basic Science and Clinical Lecture Series is held every Friday between 1100 - 1200. Each lecture is given by an attending surgeon or a professional with expertise on the subject matter. Each lecture will cover the topic from basic science and clinical points of view. Although each lecture is independent, the relevant chapters on the subject in Sabiston's Textbook of Surgery and O'Leary The Physiologic Basis of Surgery will be cited with each subject matter so the residents can adequately prepare for the lecture. All major topics within general surgery will be covered over a period of one academic year.

For a complete listing of the current lecture schedule please view the Resident Education Program section of the Resident Education Manual.

The Booklet of Information – Surgery is published by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) to outline the requirements for certification in surgery.  Applicants are expected to be familiar with these requirements and bear ultimate responsibility for ensuring that their training complies with ABS requirements, as well as for acting in accordance with the ABS policies governing each stage of the certification process.

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