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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Healthcare Education Scholarship Program

A new TTUHSC faculty-development initiative is the Healthcare Education Scholarship program. The majority of faculty in health profession’s education lacks formal training in education or education management. Yet, the current climate of a rapidly changing educational environment along with the requirements to meet continually evolving accreditation standards requires formally trained educational leaders. The leadership of TTUHSC recognizes this need and has created a program which will fund selected TTUHSC faculty to matriculate through a Master in Health Professions Education (MHPE) or Master in Education for Health Professionals (MEHP) program of their choosing.

The goal of this program is to decrease the economic burden of seeking an advanced degree in education while producing educational leaders in the health professions who can manage change within their fields, overcome organizational barriers, and effectively direct the future of healthcare delivery systems.

Refer to the policy/procedure for additional information, including Faculty Eligibility, Faculty Responsibilities, Institutional and Program Requirements, and Approval Process. In addition, an Application is available to apply for the Healthcare Education Scholarship.


If you have questions or need additional information about this faculty development opportunity, contact Dr. Rial Rolfe, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs at