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The Clinical Research Data Warehouse provides TTUHSC investigators with a single source for obtaining access to vast amounts of clinical data available in various systems at TTUHSC and in various databases throughout the United States. The data is available for educational and research tasks including preparatory research and data mining. The goal in creating the clinical research data warehouse is to accelerate clinical research that may potentially result in life-changing medical solutions for West Texas and beyond.

Cerner Health Facts is a de-identified patient database collected from over 750 healthcare facilities across the United States.  Collected as a by-product of patient care, Cerner Health Facts is a comprehensive source of de-identified, real-world data.  Cerner Health Facts collects clinical records with time-stamped and sequenced information on pharmacy, laboratory, admission and billing data from all patient care locations.  Researchers can analyze detailed sets of de-identified clinical data at the patient level.  Cerner Health Facts includes data on patient encounters, diagnoses, procedures, medication orders, medication administration, vital signs, laboratory tests, locations of services/patients (e.g., clinic, ED, ICU, etc.) and hospital information, and billing.  As of 2018, Cerner Health Facts contains:

  • Over 65 million patients,
  • Patient information from 750 healthcare facilities across the United States,
  • Over 500 million encounters,
  • 4.7 billion laboratory results,
  • Detailed pharmacy, laboratory, billing and registration data as far back as 2000, and
  • 684 million orders for nearly 4,500 drugs by name and brand.

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TTUHSC provides patient care to rural and urban communities of West Texas. TTUHSC Patient Data resides in different electronic health records systems used in Lubbock, Amarillo, and the Permian Basin and consists of a population of more than 2.5 million patients across Texas and New Mexico.  Aggregating de-Identified clinical records from these systems would provide rich data for clinical research and would be a unique resource to address rural healthcare needs.  The extraction and de-identification of TTUHSC patient data will be accomplished one EHR system at a time.  TTUHSC Lubbock patient data will be the first set of patient data extracted and processed.  TTUHSC Lubbock patient data includes:

  • 979,830 patients,
  • Over 13 million encounters,
  • Over 827 million laboratory results, and
  • Over 186 million orders.

The extraction of clinical data from the Lubbock EHR will gather data such as demographics, billing information, diagnoses, procedures, orders, and medications.

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The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) provides a list of Public Use Data Sets at the Texas, National, and International levels. This list is provided as a resource to TTUHSC faculty, staff and students to assist in their research endeavors.

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Secondary Use of Data Resources - CRI Presentation December 12, 2018.