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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
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Discover Odessa: Ignite the Thrill in the Heart of the West

Experience the lively atmosphere of Odessa, a West Texas city celebrated for its invigorating air, stunning sunsets, and friendly hospitality. While in Odessa, we invite you to delve into the city's offerings—you might find delightful surprises along the way.

Odessa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Odessa is a hidden gem out in West Texas, full of history, charm, and adventure. Whether you're seeking outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or just a relaxing getaway, Odessa offers something for everyone. Time to plan your ultimate West Texas adventure! Learn more at Odessa Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Odessa Chamber of Commerce

It’s easy to get involved in Odessa, Texas. Our people are the most friendly you’ll ever meet and your opportunities for success here are endless. Learn more at Odessa Chamber of Commerce.


At Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, we understand the significance of deciding where you will attend school. We know there are many factors to consider – especially when the programs you’re considering are in a different city or state. With each of our campuses offering different programs and facilities, we encourage you to come visit to experience firsthand the unique qualities that make our schools so special. Schedule your visit.

Join us on a Red Bag Tour

Our Red Bag Tours are created specifically for high school students, providing the opportunity to see cutting-edge technology and learn more about how TTUHSC prepares students to impact the world of health care. View tour schedule.