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Emergency Preparedness

Dallas Campus

Current Status: Dallas

Dallas: The campus is operating under normal conditions.

In the event of an emergency, this site will be updated with information about the nature of the incident, how to remain safe and, after the event, the point at which safety has been restored.



The National Weather Service (NWS) and the Texas Division of Emergency Management have designated November 14th, 2012, as Winter Weather Awareness Day in Texas. This is an annual safety campaign designed to promote winter weather awareness and safety.

Every year, West Texas is affected by winter weather, with at least one winter storm impacting the area in a typical year. Across the United States, an average of 23 fatalities can be attributed each year to winter weather, and dozens of fatalities can be attributed to exposure to cold. Add to that number, vehicle accidents and fatalities, fires due to dangerous use of heaters, and other winter weather fatalities, and you have a significant threat.

The keys to avoiding serious injury or death during a major winter storm include knowing the safety rules to survive cold weather, knowing how to stay informed of forecasts and warnings for winter storm conditions, and preparing ahead of time to handle difficult travel conditions and other exposure to harsh cold weather conditions.



Inclement Weather / Campus Closings

TTUHSC operating policy 10.02 is an established policy and procedure regarding the suspension of classes and closing of offices for a short period of time. Inclement weather, electrical outages, malfunctions of the central heating and cooling plant, chemical or biological problems, fire, and explosions are some of the events that might require the suspension of classes and closing of offices. Learn More

Severe Weather

Severe weather in the form of thunderstorms, damaging hail, high winds, and tornadoes are a threat to the Texas Tech community. TTUHSC maintains several warning and alert systems for use in the event major storms or other disasters threaten our community. Ideally, sufficient warning time will allow precautionary measures to be implemented. The unpredictability of weather conditions, however, does not always provide for adequate warning. TTUHSC operating policy 76.15 outlines the function and use of the TTUHSC's warning and alert system. Learn More

National Weather Service

Essential Personnel

It will be the responsibility of the President, Vice Presidents, and Deans to assure that by November 15 of each year the administrators in their organization notify in writing those persons designated as "essential." The Human Resources Office or the Regional Dean's Office at a regional campus will be informed of the personnel designated as essential. Learn More

Dallas Emergency Numbers

Dallas & Fort Worth Hospitals  
Baylor University Medical Center 214.820.0111
Children's Medical Center of Dallas 214.456.7000
Dallas County Hospital District 214.590.8000
Dallas Southwest Medical Center 214.330.4611
Doctors Hospital of Dallas 214.324.4611
Medical City Dallas Hospital 972-566.7000
Methodist Medical Center 214.947.8181
Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas 214.345.6789
St. Paul Medical Center 214.879.1000
North Texas Poison Center 800.441.0040
Crisis Hotline 214.653.8740
Emergency 911
Emergency 911
VA Police (Non-Emergency) 214.857.0412


Normal Normal Conditions
Alert Weather / Campus Closing
Emergency Emergency

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