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Welcome to Distribution

Receiving - incoming packages and freight - combined with Mail Services in November 2019. Together, they process and distribute all incoming mail, packages, and freight and process all departmental outgoing mail, packages, and freight. The Receiving location was remodeled and reopened in January 2024 and collectively the service was renamed Distribution. 


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Receiving - information for deliveries

Secure Access

Distribution is a secure location with limited access. If you would like to bring down any outgoing shipments, please bring them to the General Store located in BA350. 

What is Internal Package Tracking?

When items are received at the loading dock, the carrier’s tracking number is scanned into our internal tracking system as received. Next, the items are sorted into stop numbers for delivery. Items not including a stop number on the shipping label are marked Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA). UAA items are researched as time allows with refrigerated/cold items and overnight shipments given priority.

If you have a tracking number and the carrier’s website shows it as delivered, you can click here to see the current status. Simply type or paste the tracking number in the red bar at the top of the page. There is no need to log in.


No item found – The item has not been received yet. Our internal tracking system is very close to real-time. Check the timestamp on the carrier’s website. If it’s been more than a few minutes, give Distribution a call.

Received – The item is received, but it has not been processed yet. Check the time stamp and give Distribution a call if it has been more than an hour.  

UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) – If the current status is UAA, please call Distribution to provide your stop number for delivery.

Sorted – The item is sorted for delivery to the stop number listed on the label. If it is not your department’s stop, please call Distribution.

Delivered – The information displayed will include, the date and time, and the signature and name of the recipient.

If you would like to see the tracking numbers of items delivered to your stop, log in using your stop number in the upper right-hand corner of the red bar. Passwords are available by calling 743.2093.

Please note that Distribution does not open items unless it is necessary to determine the recipient. By opening UAA items, Distribution is not assuming responsibility for verifying content.

Got Questions?

We're here to help. Contact us if you have questions.

Derek Moreland, Supervisor

(806) 743 - 2093