PharmD/MBA Program | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Application Information

** Applicants for the PharmD/MBA Dual Degree Program MUST have a prior baccalaureate or higher degree to be admitted into the program.**

Application to the PharmD/MBA dual degree program follows a two-step process:

  1. TTUHSC Notice of Intent/Application, and
  2. Rawls College of Business application.

A PharmD/MBA selection committee will review the academic achievement of each candidate and forward a recommendation to the Rawls College of Business and the HOM program. Students should delay completing the Rawls College of Business applications until a determination of School of Pharmacy (SOP) recommendation has been made. If the Committee does not recommend a student apply to the MBA program, the SOP program coordinator will counsel the student on options. The Rawls College of Business and the School of Pharmacy may limit the number of pharmacy students that are allowed to enroll in the MBA.

TTUHSC School of Pharmacy Notice of Intent

The TTUHSC School of Pharmacy will usually require completion of a PharmD/MBA application form by the following deadlines:

  • March 20 for students applying in the P-0 year (P-0 = Summer term prior to enrollment in PharmD coursework)
  • February 15 for students applying in the P1 year

  • P-0 and P-1 students desiring to enroll in the PharmD/MBA program must complete the PharmD/MBA application form.
  • P-0 and P-1 students desiring to enroll in the PharmD/MBA program must sign an acknowledgement or disclosure form, signifying an understanding of special curricular requirements for enrolling in the program.

Send completed forms to: Dr. Roland Patry at or

Rawls College of Business Application

Applications are due by May 1 of the year of admission. The admission process for the Rawls College of Business MBA program is comprised of a single application that combines the requirements for the Graduate School and the Business School.

Graduate School / Business School Application

  1. Electronic application CLICK HERE
  2. Requires a $75.00 fee
  3. Official transcripts for all schools attended
  5. Submit a current resume
  6. Submit two letters of recommendation (can be the same letters used for the PharmD application. Rawls may access those hrough admissions server). Please note that NO essay is required.