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Zach Stephens, Pharm.D.
PGY2 Pharmacotherapy Pharmacy Resident

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Pharmacy School: The Ohio State University, Columbus
Residency Program: TTUHSC Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy/University Medical Center
Residency Type: Combined PGY1/2 Pharmacotherapy
TTUHSC Campus: Lubbock, TX

Which learning experience has been your favorite so far, or which one are you looking forward to?

So far, internal medicine has been my favorite rotation because of the interaction with medical residents. I think that being on an internal medicine team with these individuals really helps both of our professions come together to learn and collaborate on patient care. There are going to be more internal medicine blocks in the future that I am also excited for as I will be taking students with me, which is another great time to both learn and teach.

What do you like the most about your facility?

The best part about the Lubbock campus and University Medical Center is that they work as separate entities entirely and so you get to go between them and really bring them together as a pharmacy resident. The actual hospital itself is also very nice and has a good amount of fairly new and state of the art facilities. I also really like the staff here as they are very helpful and the pharmacy staff in particular are always available for questions. They also enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge which has really come in handy for rotations. It is also really nice to have a residency office that all of the residents sit in because we can all help each other out with things from the convenience of our desks.

What drew you to your current program?

When I originally applied for residency I had one goal in mind of completing a PGY1 and if at the end of it I wanted to continue I would attempt a PGY2 in an area that I had the most interest in. I then came across pharmacotherapy as a two year program that not only expanded on a traditional PGY1, but also offered a second year of objectives that would further expand on a traditional PGY1 and give residents in the program the ability to expand knowledge in any area of interest. This was very appealing to me as narrowing to one interest was always something that I felt would limit my abilities as a pharmacist to gain knowledge in many areas in the future.

Zach Stephens, Pharm.D.

PGY1 Pharmacotherapy Resident

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