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The purpose of the QEP internal grants is to fund projects and programs that will contribute to the wellness of TTUHSC students.  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to apply for a grant.  The link to apply is included below, along with a video that can assist you in navigating the application process.

Grant Applications Committee

The following members of the QEP Steering Committee serve as the Grant Applications Committee and are available to assist anyone who wants to apply for a QEP Internal Grant or has questions concerning this opportunity:

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Ms. Ashlee Rigsby  

School of Health Professions
Dr. Logan Winkelman 
School of Medicine
Dr. Alan Korinek  

School of Nursing
Dr. Hollis Franco  


School of Pharmacy
Dr. Nadia German  

Other TTUHSC Departments
Ms. Leslie Collins 
Ms. Renee Posey  

Link to Apply for a QEP Grant for Cycle Four (2023-2024)


Video with Helpful Information on Applying for a QEP Grant


Previous QEP Internal Grants Awarded


Cycle Three - 2023-2024

Connections: Chat with a Social Worker – utilizing the knowledge and skills of a TTU social work intern to provide assistance and support to TTUHSC students.  (Project Lead:  Ms. Amy Faltinek)
Art Therapy Workshop for Medical Student Wellness – promoting student well-being in the TTUHSC School of Medicine through workshops offering art therapy techniques.  (Project Lead:  Khaja Siddiqui)
“TTUHSC MeetUp” – fostering the wellness of Texas Tech students in Amarillo through a series of engaging extracurricular events.  (Project Lead:  Chandler Boyd)
“Nutrition Education for Medical Students: Understanding How Nutrition Affects All 8 Dimensions of Wellness” – a seminar presented by a registered dietician and a physician to help medical students understand how nutrition impacts all eight dimensions of our wellness.  (Project Lead:  Sarah Horne)
“Journey Prep: Tools and Tactics for Navigating Graduate School and Your Career. A Guide for DPT and OTD Students” – a program of education sessions focused on mental health and wellness, and also study skills, to decrease stress for health professions students.  (Project Leads:  Dr. Joan Potter-Brunet and Dr. Misty Miller)
“Global Mindfulness: Sampling a World of Tools to Promote Student Wellness” – a series of brief mindfulness-based workshops with a cultural engagement component to promote student wellness.  (Project Lead:  Dr. Jessica Blume)
“Let’s Taco ‘Bout Mental Health” – a wellness fair during which students will receive wellness information and resources, and also learn how to use certain wellness tools.  (Project Lead:  Ms. Keri Shiplet)
“Positive Life Theme Integrated Narrative Health Practice to Enhance Student Wellness” – a series of sessions incorporating the Narrative Health model to encourage medical and PA students to be reflective and discover a positive purpose in life.  (Project Lead:  Dr. Dijo John)

Cycle Three - 2022-2023

“Promoting Wellness among Interprofessional Health Sciences Center Students through a Digital Badging Program” – exploring the use of a digital badging program to motivate and encourage health professions students to participate in an optional, web-based multifactorial wellness program  (Project Lead: Dr. Toby Brooks)
“Enhancing Student Wellness through Engagement and Professional Role Modeling with the 8 Dimensions of Wellness” – incorporating wellness role modeling by nursing school faculty and staff to encourage nursing students to utilize wellness tools related to the 8 dimensions of wellness  (Project Lead: Ms. Rachel Chapman)

Cycle Two - Spring 2022

No QEP Internal Grants Awarded

Cycle One - Fall 2021

“Find Your Zone: Build Resilience, Restore Balance, & Refill Your Tank” – engaging students in specific creative and leisure activities that facilitate health-enhancing flow experiences  (Project Lead:  Dr. Laurie Stelter)
“Soul Hacks Series: A Wellness Initiative for the Edification of TTUHSC PA Students” – creating a culture of wellness within the PA program through a biweekly wellness series that includes journaling insights and experiences  (Project Lead:  Ms. Sarah Stringer)
A Formal Investigation of Risk Factors for Burnout among Medical Students in Their Clinical Years” – identifying risk factors for burnout at a critical stage of medical training, enabling preventative measures to be developed  (Project Lead:  Dr. Joel Barrett)
QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training for School of Nursing Behavioral Intervention Team Members”– training SON staff in QPR, an evidence-based approach to suicide prevention, so that they can train BIT members who work with at-risk students   (Project Lead:  Dr. Annette Gary)