Development Task Force | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

QEP Development Task Force Members

  • Ms. Leslie Collins, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Lauren Sullivan, Co-Chair
  • Ms. Christine Andrews
  • Dr. Jeff Dennis
  • Ms. Tho Dinh
  • Mr. Jacob Gault
  • Dr. Matthew Geddie
  • Ms. Dana Granger
  • Ms. Allison Kerin
  • Dr. Alan Korinek
  • Dr. Patti Patterson
  • Dr. Deborah Sikes


January. 7-Feb. 3: Finalize QEP proposal

February 4: Submission of QEP proposal to SACSCOC

March 18-21: SACSCOC on-site peer review

March 25: End of task force commitment

 March 19-May 4: Weekly meetings/completion of assigned tasks

May 8: Advisory visit by SACSCOC Vice President

May 9-July 20: Continued development of the proposal

July 22-25: 2018 Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation (Atlanta, GA)

July 30-Dec. 7: Continued development of the proposal

December 8-11: 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)




Meeting Agendas