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TTUHSC strategic plan

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This strategic plan represents contributions by our students, faculty and staff during one of the most challenging times in our university’s history. As ONE TEAM, we gave our best to one another and those we serve as COVID-19 impacted our world. 

Our efforts, specifically during the past year, led to a new vision — transform health care through innovation and collaboration — setting the direction for our approach to the future. 

Through bold conversations and transparent, engaging work sessions, we created a living document to guide the work of our great university over the next five years under strategic goals to boldly engage all to inspire innovation across our campuses and create an environment that fosters collaboration both inside and outside the university. 

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Progress on the Strategic Plan

Reported by the University Councils

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  • INNOVATION OBJECTIVE: Promote innovation in our academic programs, academic support services and student affairs.
  • COLLABORATION OBJECTIVE: Promote collaborative learning opportunities leveraging best practices.

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Clinical Affairs

    • INNOVATION OBJECTIVE: Improve health care and patient care outcomes.
    • COLLABORATION OBJECTIVE: Cultivate and enhance collaborations that utilize our unique position as a comprehensive academic health center.


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  • INNOVATION OBJECTIVE: Modernize our research infrastructure to effectively capitalize on research opportunities. 
  • COLLABORATION OBJECTIVE: Advance our research portfolio through collaborations in areas of strength. 

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People & Operations

  • INNOVATION OBJECTIVE: Encourage innovative approaches to improve our operational strategy and establish the institution as the employer of choice.
  • COLLABORATION  OBJECTIVE: Implement growth and development strategies that encourage collaboration and align resources at our university.


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External Affairs

  • INNOVATION OBJECTIVE: Champion our university’s role as an innovative leader through meaningful engagement. 
  • COLLABORATION OBJECTIVE: Position the institution as a key collaborative partner with external stakeholders. 
front and inside image of the strategic plan that says download the plan

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    Coordinated under a university-wide institute, establish our university as the leading institution in the advancement of comprehensive telehealth.


  1. Incorporate telehealth competencies into all appropriate academic program curricula. 
  2. Enable coordinated deployment and growth of telehealth practices. 
  3. Expand the body of knowledge of telehealth with emphasis on outcomes and efficacy. 
  4. Provide and support the infrastructure for telehealth integration. 
  5. Work with partners, government agencies and key stakeholders to support the expansion of telehealth practice.

A new vision that drives us to approach the delivery of health care from a perspective that partners novel ideas and approaches with a cooperative spirit.

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