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Animal Identification

The LARC provides supplies for animal identification such as ear notching, tattooing and micro-chipping. Ear notching supplies are available free of charge to any active investigator. Use of the Ketchum tattooing system may be purchased for $10 per day. Use of the micro-chipping system may be purchased for $20 per day, and the micro-chips are available for $10 each.

Rodent Transport Containers

The LARC also provides reusable containers for the transfer of mice and small rats. If you desire to use one of our containers (free of charge), contact any LARC staff member. These cages may be used to transport animals to laboratories both inside and outside the vivarium, but we require return of the transport container at the end of the day for cleaning. This will help prevent cross-contamination. After animals are returned to the vivarium, please leave the transport container in the dirty cage wash area for proper sanitation.