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LARC Per Diem Charges

The following are animal per diem (by the day) charges for each LARC facility. This cost is for general maintenance and operation for the daily care of the animals.

For grant writing purposes, assume an annual increase of 3% on these charges. To assist investigators with per diem charge justification, click here for site-specific information that can be used for justification of animal charges in grant applications.

For additional species and/or general information, please email the LARC office.

All TTUHSC LARC Facilities
Species: Environment: Charge: unit:
Mouse  Conventional $ 0.63 per cage per day
Mouse  Sterile Caging $ 1.06 per cage per day
Rat  Conventional $ 1.24 per cage per day
Rat Sterile Caging $ 1.99 per cage per day
Hamster Conventional $ 0.56 per hamster per day
Guinea Pig Conventional $ 1.21 per guinea pig per day
Rabbit Conventional $ 2.99 per rabbit per day
Frog Conventional $ 0.31 per frog per day
Swine Conventional $ 7.62 per swine per day
  • Mice and Rats housed in Static Microisolators will be charged at the Sterile Caging rate.