How to STOP getting this stamp on your items | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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                 STOP stamp 

Things to do to make sure your mail and other items reach you in a timely manner

1.       Use your STOP number on all correspondence. If you have an email signature, please use the complete address as shown here. Use of "MS" instead of "Stop" is not approved by U.S. Postal Service and may cause the stop number to be deleted by address cleansing software. 

2.       Use your complete department name. Names of programs can be added, but please use after the department name. Applications have a limited number of characters available to print for each field, so please remove unnecessary information.

3.       Check your email properties. Update your information by contacting Human Resources - 

4.       When you place an order using a PCard, confirm the delivery address with the vendor. This is especially important since multiple departments may order from the same vendor.

5.       Before you place an order using a purchase order, check your TechBuy profile. Update with correct STOP and remove any unnecessary information, such as room number.  Instructions for Changing TechBuy profile.  

6.       If the purchase order is correct and the vendor shipped to a different address, contact the vendor. Let them know that the shipping address on every order MUST match the PO.

7.       For magazines, there is a publication page with contact info. Please contact the publisher and update mailing information.

8.      Check your web sites, stationery, brochures and any other place that includes your address to ensure it is the complete address and includes your STOP. If you are using the physical location with building and room number and feel the STOP would cause confusion, please consider using the STOP number as the zip+4.