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Delivery Acceptance

Freight for 1400 Wallace Blvd. is received at the dock by General Services staff.

Packages for the Coulter campus buildings are received at 1400 Coulter, Room 1003 unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery.

Departmental Delivery

Packages will be delivered to one location per department. This location should have adequate space to handle incoming deliveries, and should be staffed with, or in close proximity to a department representative who has authority to accept and sign for deliveries. The departments are then responsible for internal distribution. The Freight Supervisor must approve the department location for normal deliveries.

Voluminous & Heavy Shipments

Prior to delivery, the requisitioning department is responsible for coordinating with Receiving to determine if sufficient manpower and/or equipment will be available to unload, transport or set in place a large or heavy shipment. If in-house resources are not adequate, the requisitioning department is responsible for arranging for outside contractor support to coincide with the delivery of the equipment. Departments may want to consider including a statement in the original Purchase Order placing the responsibility for rigging expenses, removing all packaging and crating materials from agency’s receiving area at the time of uncrating. 

Receiving CANNOT store shipments. The requisitioning department must make prior arrangements to delay delivery from the vendor or for storage of items unable to be immediately delivered.

Outgoing shipments

Outgoing shipment arrangements, including payments, are the responsibility of
the requesting department. Receiving will pick up the outgoing packages when the shipping arrangements have been finalized and the packages have proper labels attached. Contact for package pickup is: