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Delivery acceptance. Receiving only accepts packages for the 3601 4th Street address. Departments
at off-site locations in Lubbock are encouraged to use their physical address for items delivered by
UPS, FedEx and other carriers. Compressed gas cylinders must be delivered to the physical address
where they will be used; Receiving does not have a license to transport.
Departmental Delivery. Receiving will provide delivery of items to one location per STOP number.
This location should have adequate space to handle incoming deliveries, and should be staffed with,
or be in close proximity to, a department representative who has authority to accept and sign for
deliveries. The departments are then responsible for internal distribution. The Receiving supervisor
must approve the department location for normal deliveries. Compressed gas cylinders and
voluminous or heavy shipments (refer to information below) are exempt and are delivered
Tracking. Receiving utilizes tracking software to manage the internal work flow of shipments. Tracking
is based on vendor provided tracking number barcodes. An internal tracking barcode will be assigned
to items that do not have vendor provided tracking barcodes. A departmental representative will be
required to sign for acceptance of deliveries. In the event of computer failure, a log will be utilized.
All delivery information will be kept on file for a period of three fiscal years plus current fiscal year.
Items can be tracked internally through the website at
Compressed Gas Cylinder Shipments or Receipts. All compressed gas cylinders for 3601 4th Street
are processed through Receiving. When the cylinder is empty and ready for pickup, please complete
the Tank Pickup Request. The caps must be returned on the cylinder. The user department is
responsible for all demurrage charges. Any vendor problems involving compressed gas cylinders are
to be directed to TTUHSC Purchasing. Receiving can only answer questions regarding delivery.
Voluminous and Heavy Shipments. Prior to delivery, the requisitioning department is responsible for
coordinating with Receiving to determine if sufficient manpower and/or equipment will be available to
unload, transport, or set in place a large or heavy shipment. If in-house resources are not adequate,
the requisitioning department is responsible for arranging for outside contractor support to coincide
with the delivery of the equipment. Departments may want to consider including a statement in the
original Purchase Order placing the responsibility for rigging expenses, removing all packaging and
crating materials from agency’s dock area at the time of uncrating.
Receiving cannot store shipments. The requisitioning department must make prior arrangements
to delay delivery from the vendor or for storage of items unable to be immediately accepted.
Departmental Responsibility for Ensuring Proper Delivery. Departments are responsible for providing
vendors with the complete proper delivery address including STOP. Proper delivery address for
departments utilizing the 3601 4th Street address is as follows:
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Department Name
Attn: Employee’s Name
3601 4th Street STOP XXXX
Lubbock TX 79430-XXXX
Proper delivery address when completing a Purchase Order is:
Contact Name Your Name
Phone Your Phone Number
Email Your Email Address
3601 4TH ST
Rm/Building STOP XXXX.
Lubbock TX 79430-STOP
United States
Shipping and Receiving utilizes the STOP number for tracking and delivery purposes. Receiving does
not deliver according to room numbers. In the event that the item is undeliverable, the Director of
General Services and delegates are authorized to open only to determine delivery point. Only items that
do not indicate STOP, department and employee name are considered undeliverable. Most items
without proper delivery information will be returned to sender unopened.
Outgoing Shipments. At a department’s request, Receiving staff will assist departments in obtaining
best value and arrange pickup of shipment for voluminous or heavy items.