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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Littleton-Anglin Families Endowment Fund for Parkinson's Disease Research

West Texas Generosity

Gayle Anglin Littleton and her husband, James A. Littleton Jr., grew up in Earth, a rural community about 60 miles northwest of Lubbock. Farming was a way of life for both of their families. After service in the Navy, James returned to carry on the legacy.

The land was good to the family, says Becky Upchurch, one of the Littleton’s two daughters. Her mother’s family had moved to the area in the 1930s to operate the telephone exchange when her grandfather started buying land to farm. Her father’s family had moved to the area about the same time and farmed exclusively.

Farming provided educational opportunities for the Littleton women: Upchurch and her sister, Jan Allison, both graduated from Texas Tech, as did their mother. So when they sold the family farmland earlier this year, they decided to give back to the area that had given so much to them.

Upchurch and her sister, Jan Allison, decided TTUHSC was the right place. “Because TTU has been a part of all our lives, I suggested to mom that we give to Texas Tech,” Upchurch said. “She liked the idea of keeping the money in the area, so we punted it to Jan, who is a nurse in California; she thought about the HSC and remembered the Parkinson’s connection.”

The families recently established the Littleton-Anglin Families Endowment Fund for Parkinson ’s disease Research at the School of Medicine at Lubbock. Their gift is in memory of their mother and grandmother, Zada Anglin, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease in her later years. Other relatives to be honored by this fund are LZ Anglin, James A. Littleton Jr., and J.A. and Rene Littleton, all deceased.

School of Medicine Dean Steven Berk, M.D., said West Texas is fortunate to have families such as the Littleton and Anglins.

“Their generosity will leave a wonderful legacy on her behalf.”