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The family medicine residency program in Amarillo began in 1972 as one of the first residency programs at Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC). We offer the benefits of an academic center as a university administered program, balanced with the warmth and hospitality of a community-based residency. TTUHSC offers great resources, technologies and research opportunities, as well as training opportunities with clinical faculty in different subspecialties. The Amarillo health care community services neighboring parts of four states and the Texas Panhandle.

As an unopposed residency based at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital, you will have access to a large, varied patient base representing the full spectrum of age, culture and illness without competition from other residencies.

                                                             Program Aims


  1. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training to residents in the field of family medicine, preparing them for successful careers as physicians. We offer robust outpatient and hospital services that expose our residents to diverse patient populations and medical cases. By emphasizing the importance of patient-centered care, evidence-based medicine, and interdisciplinary collaboration, we aim to foster the development of compassionate and competent healthcare providers. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community service ensures that our residents receive a comprehensive education that will empower them to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of the communities they serve
  2. Through our robust inpatient program, residents gain valuable hands-on experience in several areas of the hospital, developing the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the field of medicine.
  3. By participating in a variety of medical and non-medical events throughout Amarillo, our residents are able to make meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of the community.
  4. Through our comprehensive training program, we strive to instill core values of diversity, humility, honesty, and resilience in our residents, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders and agents of change within the healthcare industry.



Your PGY-1 year of training begins with 4 weeks of orientation in our Family Medicine department, then your training is concentrated in core areas of inpatient care with seven months of rotations housed in other academic departments at TTUHSC. This offers residents the firsthand training perspective of residents in other disciplines, since their responsibilities are the same as their first year resident peers in the respective departments.  The remaining five months are spent at Baptist St. Anthony (BSA) Health System, our primary teaching hospital, honing inpatient and ER skills and acclimating to our community hospital environment. 


Your PGY-2 year of training offers extensive inpatient and outpatient care that includes working with a variety of community physicians.  You will also be exposed to the ICU world and critical care.


The third year resident has 16 weeks of Electives along with inpatient, outpatient and practice management opportunities. Your third year completes your preparation to be an independently practicing physician after residency.

Our residents follow continuity obstetrical patients through their prenatal care, delivery at Northwest Texas Hospital (NWTH), and post-partum care.  We also partner with a community organization for prenatal services to low-income women who we deliver at NWTH. This partnership helps us provide additional obstetrical experience for those residents most interested in maternity care. 

One afternoon each week is dedicated to an organized yearlong curriculum of Core Topics, Morbidity and Mortality, Journal Club and Board Review sessions. We also offer a procedure clinic one morning per week that is staffed by residents and faculty for performing outpatient procedures common to Family Medicine.

Residency training in family medicine can be a daunting process given the depth and breadth of our specialty.  We understand this and respect the varied practice goals that each of our residents brings to the program. Our department is committed to helping residents set and meet their individual goals as well as meeting all the required program goals and objectives.

The faculty in Family Medicine has dedicated themselves to teaching and nurturing residents into well-rounded family medicine physicians. We offer a strong, challenging and flexible program with progressive responsibility in a warm and welcoming environment. These features of the TTUHSC Family Medicine residency in Amarillo make it an optimal experience. We invite you to contact our department at 806-414-9493 or email at


Rotation sequence varies, but all first year residents complete the same 13-block, 28-day rotations.

  • 1 month surgery
  • 4 months inpatient service
  • 1 month pediatric inpatient with pediatrics department at Northwest hospital
  • 1 month NICU/Nursery with pediatrics department at Northwest
  • 2 months of OB at Northwest with OB department residents
  • 1 month of clinic/office
  • 1 months ICU- Northwest Internal Medicine Department
  • 1 month ortho - Private Office
  • 1 month cardiology - Private Office/BSA
  • 1 month Geriatrics
  • 1 month elective
  • 1 month GYN - OB department at Northwest
  • 1 months clinic/office
  • 4 months inpatient service
  • 5 electives
  • 1 month Sports Medicine - Private Offices
  • 1 month office
  • 3 months inpatient service
  • 1 month pediatrics inpatient
  • 1 month Rural Rotation - Hereford, TX

Institutional Benefits

For all benefits and conditions of employment including information concerning leaves of absences and medical malpractice insurance, please visit the Graduate Medical Education page.

Departmental Benefits

Professional Organizations

Your membership dues for the following organizations will be paid by the Department. Participation in these organizations is strongly encouraged, but not required.

  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

Paid Vacation Time Off

PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents receive 15 days paid vacation: PGY-3 residents receive 20 days paid vacation. The time off must be approved by the Program Director and coordinated with your current service.

Books & Membership Dues

PGY-1 residents are allotted $500 for books and membership dues; book selections must be approved by the Program Director. PGY-2 residents are allotted $500 for CME; PGY-3's $750. The department will arrange for interested PGY-3 residents to take a board review course prior to graduation in lieu of other CME during the third year. (Mandatory for residents scoring < 50th percentile for PGY-3’s on their final in training exam) CME time is to be approved by the Program Director and coordinated with the affected service. All residents have the opportunity to take five days of CME courses, must be approved by Program Director.


Moonlighting opportunities are available in the Amarillo area to PGY-II and PGY-III residents; professional liability insurance coverage not provided by TTUHSC. Participation must be approved by the Program Director.