Amarillo Pediatric Clinical Faculty | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Clinical Faculty

The following physicians dedicate their time and efforts to the education of our medical students and residents.  

  • Rex Fletcher, MD
  • Michael LeGrone, MD
  • Tagreed Maaytah, MD
  • Shari Medford, MD
  • Jennifer Milner, MD
  • Nandkishore Raghuram, MD
  • Rebecca Scott, MD
  • Lisa Veggeberg, MD
  • Meganne Walsh, MD
  • Carmen Werner, MD
  • John Young, MD
  • David Callhill, AuD
  • Kathleen Kendal-Tacket, MD
  • Blake Orbrock, DO
  • Frederick Poage, DO
  • Rebecca Scott, MD
  • Nandkishor Raghuram, MD
  • Lisa Veggeberg, MD